What Does Kindness Look Like? Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

What does it really mean to be kind? When we experience kindness, what does it feel like? Have there been times when we experienced help without kindness, or perhaps been the one who helped but not in a kind way? Does kindness imply an extraordinary act, or can kindness be imparted in our everyday mundane activities?

These are some of the questions I asked myself when contemplating this quote by Mark Twain. As a blind person I do have a unique perspective in that I am not swayed by body language, facial expressions, or the physical appearance of those with whom I interact. While I do perceive the tone in someone’s voice, mostly I feel the loving intent in their hearts. If I could see, maybe I would see the smile on their face as well.

It would certainly seem, then, that kindness starts from within. What is it that we must have in ourselves to radiate this kindness? If we have a desire to practice kindness, what must we have to make that happen? I am going to vote for a grateful heart. A grateful heart is a joyful heart, and joyful hearts radiate kindness.

My friends, even in the midst of our struggles and challenges, we all have much to be grateful for. I challenge you to focus on gratitude each day and you will see the joy in your life increase. Most likely you will also find it much easier and more natural to practice kindness. The power of one person being kind will spread like a ripple on the water to places you will never know. A kinder world really does start with each one of us, and as we practice kindness in our own corner of the world, only the best is yet to come!!   

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