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Drew is truly an inspiration….

Jane Deuber

Doug Vermeeren

Elliot Kay

Mark Allen

Dr. Mark

Jon Alexanian

Motivational Speakers Websites

Thank you for leading an extraordinary experience for our team…

I am so very grateful for your thoughtfulness in gearing your presentation to be particularly relevant to the ‘take aways’ we shared from our retreat. Most impressive was how your story touched everyone present in a uniquely personal and insightful way. It was truly an honor to receive your message as we wrapped up our 3-day retreat...

Many blessings in return!

C Quinn
President, Principal Hydrogeologist, Quinn Environmental Strategies, Inc
“Drew Hunthausen delivered the main message at Robinwood Church and, intangibly, the spiritual climate in the congregation shifted. Drew has a superior temperament and contagious joy”
Pastor Dave Housholder.
“Drew has one of the most compelling and convicting testimonies of God’s grace, healing, and love that you will ever hear. I have heard Drew’s story on multiple occasions and I always leave feeling inspired and motivated. Drew spoke to our junior high/high school youth group about his life experiences and left the youth with these same emotions. Drew’s humor, wit, and positive attitude make him a captivating story teller. Hearing of the obstacles that Drew has overcome in life will encourage you to make no excuses”.
Dave C
“I had the pleasure of meeting Drew in 2006, and my life has been enriched by him! This guy is amazing, and I could only hope to have 1 ounce of his PURE COURAGE! Love you Drew!”
M B Fisette
“Drew – you are so cherished and loved by so many folks in now far-away places due to time and moving. You are FANTASTIC! Your journey has been circuitous getting to this point in your life. NO EXCUSES………even with your loving and caring family and cohort of contemporaries; at the end of the day you have to take care of Drew; be comfortable in Drew’s skin, and deal with the unique aspects of Drew’s life the rest of us miss. Seems yer doing it. God Bless!”
J Briscoe
“I am SO PROUD of you, Drew! I will find those videos of when you were skiing – I hope you don’t hear me crying! Talk about being IMPRESSED! I sure was (and STILL am!!)”
J C Duffield

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