When Life Feels Like a Roller Coaster, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

These last couple of months have been a roller coaster of emotions as I do my best to be patient and  wait for my broken foot to heal. I had several triathlon events scheduled in September and October and was in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately they all had to be cancelled, as I was relegated to a wheelchair waiting for a slow healing bone to repair itself.

What I have learned is that the process and patience it takes for a bone to properly heal is a metaphor for meaningful success in life.  Both of them happen way slower than we want them to. If we want meaningful success or strong, well healed bones, there is really no way to speed it up. The challenge we have is to keep nurturing a grateful spirit, and do our best to appreciate each and every moment of the journey. I am admittedly finding that this is often easier said than done.

My experience has been that maintaining that grateful spirit is also important in helping you keep a good balance in your life, especially when you may actually feel out of balance. It will help you avoid getting caught up in the regrets of the past or the worries about the future. You will be better able to appreciate and enjoy the present moment.

My friends, your time is limited and a very valuable commodity. Once it is gone you can’t get it back, so have an intention to make the best of every moment, even when you are a bit out of balance. When you can do this, only the best is yet to come.   

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