Learn To Fly, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Inspirational Speaker

Have you ever felt paralyzed, unable to function properly due to negative thoughts bouncing around in your head? These are often thoughts of regret, worry, and fear. It’s very likely that you disregarded this negative thinking as having any real consequence to the happenings of your day to day life.

It’s so easy to dismiss the incredible power of what we think about. Many of us don’t actively monitor our thoughts and feelings because we believe what’s going through our minds doesn’t really matter. Nothing could be so far from the truth!

What you look for and focus on (think about) will ultimately manifest itself in your life. When you expect good things, more good things appear. The opposite is also true. Focus on the negative, and you will encounter more of the problems and challenges you are thinking about but really don’t want. Zig Ziglar used to call this “stinkin thinkin”.

In a real sense, what you decide to focus on and think about, will determine the reality of your life. A wise friend once told me, and I paraphrase, “…dwell on the past only enough to learn from it and appreciate it, as it is otherwise now fantasy. Dwell on the future only enough to plan and anticipate the goodness you expect ahead, as it is also fantasy. Strive to live in the present moment, being grateful and appreciating it as the only thing that is real”.

My friends, these past few months have been very challenging for many of us, as the Corona virus fills us with worry and fear. I know for myself, thoughts of all that I have missed during this time have often consumed me and impaired my ability to move forward with what was still possible. It took time and effort to shift my thinking and perspective, enabling me to truly love myself and accept these tough circumstances that I had been allowing to weigh me down.

This shift has enabled me, despite these unfavorable times, to find joy and satisfaction in the things I can still do, and in the wonderful people I have in my life. It has by no means been easy, and is still a challenge each day, but as the above quote says, I am slowly finding my wings and taking flight! When we can all love and accept ourselves and keep moving forward, only the best is yet to come!       

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