Lets Set Some New Goals, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

I recently read some research on the subject of positive psychology, showing the benefits of goal setting with living a happier and healthier life .    

Goals are the way we can turn our values and dreams into reality. Happiness doesn’t just happen, it comes from thinking, planning, and pursuing things that are important to us. Setting goals can be a constructive practice. Whether you are setting career goals, personal or relationship goals, or daily goals, it is crucial to understand your objectives and desired outcomes.

Two years ago, I was presented with an opportunity to try something new. Something a little scary that I knew would definitely stretch my comfort zone. I was presented with the challenge of competing in a triathlon.

This being totally new to me, I wasn’t sure just where to start in terms of training and setting attainable goals. So, I attended a triathlon camp and learned the basics which allowed me to start setting goals for each part of the sport. I knew it would take time and a lot of baby steps, but one small goal after another I would get there.

Fast forward, 11 triathlons later. I’m still setting goals, still improving, getting faster, and moving forward. Each time I reach a goal, complete another race, it brings me joy and happiness. It gives me momentum and the confidence to continue goal setting and improving myself.   

My friends, what goals have you set for yourself? What has worked for you in terms of reaching those milestones? You can’t always count on other people or things, but your goals will always remain in place to take you to that next level.

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