How Do You Find Joy During The Hardships? Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker


How are you dealing with this crazy pandemic crisis we are all in? It’s still difficult for me to believe there is actually something that could bring the world to its knees so quickly, but at the same time bring us together as we hunker down in our homes or try to virtually connect at work and with our families and the community. Spending more and more time each day on our own or with the ones closest to us in our homes, gives us much more opportunity to think and ponder our circumstances.

Both negative and positive thoughts flow in and out of my brain as I do my best to navigate these trying times. How about you? Do you find yourself entering negative dark places throughout the day with all that is going on? Something that comes to mind as I monitor my own thoughts is the power of the mind. What we choose to think about and focus on plays a significant role in the attitude we maintain, and ultimately our joy.

We all want to have a good attitude and experience more joy in life, especially in challenging times like these. Quantum physics and the law of attraction have some fun and interesting terms to describe what goes on. We can say that we want to manifest a good attitude and more joy by raising our vibration to match what we want. One thing we tend to forget is that if our vibration or ‘vibe’ doesn’t match what we are trying to manifest, it simply won’t appear. When we are vibrating or operating at a low level, we effectively push our desires further away. This can be frustrating and can even become an ongoing ‘block’.

I have certainly found getting in the vortex of higher vibration to be an ongoing journey of learning and I wanted to share with you 7 great ways that I have found to successfully raise this vibration in your home, to remove negativity and align yourself with what you truly want. There is never a better time to improve the way you function and operate throughout the day. With the current pandemic spreading throughout, there is no better time than the present. God wants you to be joyful in all life’s circumstances.

1. Do more of what you love

This may seem simple but are you really happy every day? It’s easy to say we’re ‘happy’, but are you honestly living an authentic life and serving your highest purpose? Does your work bring you joy?

Do you need to take more time out of work to do more activities that will increase your happiness levels? By doing more of what you love you not only get in alignment with your manifestations, but you will appreciate life more and automatically raise those vibrations.

Sometimes it could be a matter of changing your attitude toward what you are doing by finding ways to be grateful about it. See #2.

2. Be grateful

Again, another obvious point but are you being as grateful as you could be? We can very often find gratitude in the midst of things we don’t necessarily enjoy. I like to write out 10 things I am grateful for each morning. I start with ‘I am so grateful for…because…’.

This gets me instantly into a great vibration of gratitude and happiness. It’s also an instant vibration booster when you’re having a bad day or feel you are off track with your manifestations. Try it for 30 days and you will develop a wonderful new habit to increase your joy no matter what is going on in your life.

3. Make affirmations

Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to manifest and create your own reality. I use affirmations to raise my vibration every day by writing them down and looking over them throughout the day. “I am fearless. I am worthy and deserving of love. I am loved by God and others. I am powerful and have what it takes during these tough times. By saying and repeating these powerful, positive affirmations every day to yourself you will not only believe more. You will also motivate yourself, attract and achieve your desires much faster, as well as raise your energy to positive new levels. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck inside 24/7 because of a crazy pandemic, this still works the same way!

4. Meditate: You can also instantly raise your vibration by meditating. I like to meditate at least once a day if I can for about 10 or 15 minutes. In this time, I focus on my gratitude and center myself so that I can re-align my vibration. Try to focus on your breathing and free your mind of distracting thoughts.

I also use it as a time for the listening side of prayer. Prayer is a conversation with God and when our mind is quiet it becomes open to the Spirit’s leading.

5. Throw out things that remind you of negativity from the past.

We are all guilty of holding on to things from our past whether it’s photos, objects or even emotions. It’s important to recognize when we are holding onto something negative and let go.

Forgiveness is required of the person or situation and especially of yourself, to truly let go and move forward. Unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. Conversely, forgiveness is opening the cell door to set someone free and realizing that you were the prisoner.

6. Get rid of clutter

You need to have a good Spring clean throughout the year, not just in the Spring! Holding on to clutter in your home is simply toxic and will clutter both your mind and body. Make a special effort to clear the surfaces and allow more light into your home, this can make all the difference and will instantly make you feel more at ease and positive. There’s no better time for a clean than when a virus is inhabiting this world and you are more conscious about wiping surfaces and cleansing the environment. Take advantage of the extra time you might have and create a space where you feel completely clean and comfortable.

7. Put up pictures and anything else that reminds you of the good times

Who doesn’t love looking at photos from those happy nights out with your friends or your latest trip abroad? Make a special effort to put these happy, positive memories around your home to instantly uplift you and increase your vibrations.

These times we are in are extremely difficult for most of us and if you’re like me it’s often challenging to think of the future and have optimism for tomorrow. In the process of writing this blog, and looking around my own home, I was reminded how blessed I am, but also how important it is during the trying times to stay positive and surround ourselves with the same.

It has never been more clear that the hand we are dealt in life is never the one we would have chosen, but with the grace of God and help of others it is a hand that we must choose to play with all our might. The sooner we embrace this, and focus on attracting what we want, the sooner we can believe that no matter what we are dealing with and what life throws our way, the best is yet to come!

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