It’s A New Day, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

As we move into another day of social distancing and staying home it’s pretty clear that life as we know it has been interrupted quite significantly. If you’re anything like me, it’s difficult to wrap your head around everything surrounding this tiny beast we call Covid19.

There are so many ways in which this virus has affected our lives negatively. It’s certainly easy to focus on the frustration, fear, and anger that many of us feel. To help us all counteract that tendency and provide some alternative thoughts to focus on, I jotted down some things that came to mind when I reversed the way I think and brought in a little positivity. Some of these are ideas and thoughts I know others have had as well. I hope you find them both encouraging and even a little humorous.

Traffic has decreased and Gas prices are more affordable. Time to pay our bills will often be extended or payments suspended. Kids are safe at home with their Parents. Family meals are once again the norm. There are more home cooked meals and the hectic life we once had now include naps.  The air seems cleaner and the world around us is quieter. We are all a lot more conscious about our hygiene and health. We finally now have time to stop and smell the roses.

My friends, these are just my rambling thoughts, but this is an unprecedented time, and no one knows quite how to react. We are truly a world that needs to work together and to respect each other throughout the good and the bad. The hand we are dealt is never the one we envisioned for ourselves or our world, but with the grace of God we are working together, and it is a hand we can learn to play with love, joy, and hope! When we can do this, only the best is yet to come.

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