Drew is Speaking!

Drew will be speaking this coming Thursday, September 29th, at the “Something New” Virtual Summit sponsored by the Public Speakers Association. You can call in at any time to enjoy amazing presentations that will transform your life, business, and your health!

Drew will be on at 3 PM Pacific. The title of his presentation is “Tomorrow is a New Day!”

Dial: 425-440-5100 907073# to join the call and listen.

If you are on the call and have a comment or want to ask Drew a question, there will be time at the end of his presentation.

And always remember that the best is yet to come!

Go to www.DrewsInspirations.com to get a copy of Drew’s free guide “The 5 Keys to Living a No Excuses Life Filled with Joy, Peace, and Prosperity”.

If you think Drew might be a good fit to speak at your next event, please visit www.drewhunthausen.com/speaker to set up a booking.

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