Making A Difference – Triathlon Challenge

“The Hand we are dealt in life is never the one we envisioned for ourselves, but with the grace of God it is one we can learn to play with joy, hope, and happiness.”

As a steady stream of people emerged from the church to come and tell me how much they appreciated and enjoyed my recent inspirational message at Grace Lutheran Church, I was filled with tremendous gratitude for this amazing church congregation, and the overwhelming love and support I felt from everyone. Several of the folks told me how much my talk meant to them, and how it helped change their perspectives. The gratitude I felt in having this opportunity is more than I can express, and I felt very blessed!

It is an enormous privilege to make a difference in someone’s life no matter how big or small. Every time I speak wherever it may be, I am always so overcome with gratitude for the opportunity to inspire others, but even more, the privilege to be educated and inspired by those I meet.

All of you have special God given gifts that are unique. Identifying those gifts and discovering how to operate through them to help others is, I believe, our greatest mission in life. What you have to offer this world is priceless. The hand we are dealt in life is most often not the one we wanted or would have chosen, but when we can learn to play it utilizing these gifts and talents, and keep our focus on God, only the best is yet to come.

P.S. A big thank you to my friends at Grace Lutheran Church for their tremendous encouragement and financial support for my upcoming triathlon with the Challenged Athletes Foundation. It is a fundraising event and they do great work for challenged athletes all over the globe. Anyone who wants to check it out can go to my donation page at the link below. It will consist of a 1 mile open water swim, a 44 mile bike ride, and a 10K run to be held on Oct 23 in San Diego. I greatly appreciate your encouragement, financial support, and your prayers.

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