The Journey Has Only Begun, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Inspirational Speaker

Nervous, apprehensive, excited, and overjoyed for the opportunity and ability to be riding almost 300 miles from Santa Barbra to San Diego. It’s hard for me to believe that the time has finally come after months of training, preparation and numerous fundraising efforts.

Nervous because training is one thing, but actually completing the event is another. On our last ride we had three flat tires, a bent rim, my listening devices malfunctioned, and had to call our standby support team for help. Praying our official ride will see none of that nonsense!

Excited and overjoyed because I have an incredible guide, a wonderful group of people riding with us, and a support team to encourage and keep us going no matter how tough it gets. We also know we are riding 300 miles for something that’s greater than ourselves, greater than our individual efforts.

No matter how tough it gets during the journey, no matter how sore my muscles feel, I will keep peddling because I know the impact we are making. I know that I am not doing this alone, and together, one person, one pedal at a time, lives are being changed and transformed.

My friends, take some time to determine how you are making a difference on your own journey. You don’t have to ride 300 miles or do something crazy to positively influence others and change lives. It’s the little things you do everyday that matter most. I couldn’t have taken on this journey alone, and am so grateful for my tandem pilot Rick, my incredible family, and so many others, who have supported me and made this endeavor possible. With so many people and support fueling me forward, I can truly say and believe that the best is yet to come!  

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