Roadblocks Are Inevitable, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

I’m too old, or I’m not smart enough, or I don’t have enough money, or I’m too fat, or I’m disabled, or it’s just too hard, or…?

Do any of the above statements sound familiar? Have you ever let any of these things hold you back or stop you from moving forward to overcome a challenge or achieve something you really wanted?

Life is full of obstacles and challenging circumstances that many of us face every day. The question is, how will we respond or react to what life throws our way? Have we clarified our “why” enough to always move around the obstacles, or will be employ excuses?

Next weekend I will be going down to San Diego for the third time to participate in the San Diego Triathlon Challenge. This is a triathlon which benefits the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and changes lives in the process. I personally have completed this event the last two years and have to say that it has opened my eyes so much to the courage and commitment of many other disabled athletes and their supporters.

During the weekend, there are hundreds of challenged athletes like me with various types of disabilities, ranging from blindness to having no legs. The determination and resilience of these incredible athletes is like nothing else. They have discovered their why, and are letting nothing stop them from becoming all that God created them to be, regardless of the challenges that life presents.

Whether doing the whole triathlon, one leg of it, or participating in some of the other activities taking place over the weekend, these amazing individuals aren’t stopping or letting roadblocks get in their way. They are moving forward by courageously putting one foot in front of the next and taking advantage of every option afforded to them.

This year will be a little different for me. It has actually been filled with much disappointment because I must go only as a supportive observer. I am still in a wheelchair after suffering a broken foot some weeks ago, and am on non-weight bearing orders from the doctor. Still, I am definitely looking forward to seeing some old friends and experiencing the amazing atmosphere of the event. I know my foot will heal and I will be back as a participant once again. I also know that my “why” is much bigger than this one weekend.

Friends, I want to encourage you to clarify your “why” so that you can always find a way around the obstacles in your life and turn them into speed bumps. For when roadblocks become just a speed bump in the journey, you can know that the best is yet to come!    

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