Transform Your Perception, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

The Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) has earned a reputation as one of the premier cycling events in the country where individuals can use their passion for cycling to make a difference in the lives of others. Join me on an epic journey that will challenge and transform your perception about what’s possible for challenged athletes. 

Every year, this journey delivers a life-changing experience for all participants and supporters. The MDC builds a community of riders who have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and share a deep and lasting appreciation for life. In helping to raise $1 million dollars for challenged athletes, MDC riders and supporters not only change gears, but change lives along the road and around the world.

This would be my second year participating in a cycling event with CAF, where I ride over 200 miles. Unfortunately, I fractured my foot a couple days ago and am forced to drop out. But this doesn’t mean that my passion for the cause has dropped out too. I am still fundraising, and plan to attend the weekend long festivities to welcome the riders when they cross the finish line.

That weekend is also the Challenged Athletes triathlon that I will be attending for the third time. There is nothing more motivating than seeing a sea of challenged athletes get after a triathlon, not letting anything get in their way. Whether they are missing a limb, being guided, or being wheeled they make it to the finish line with no excuses!

My friends, The Million Dollar Challenge is just one of the many transformational events supporting the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). It has provided thousands of disabled individuals with funding to create easy access to sports and recreation, and has positively impacted so many across the globe.

The young lady in the attached video is just one of the thousands of challenged athlete who has  benefited from CAF. We are so fortunate to be blessed by CAF’s generosity through 25 years of wonderful  work to support those with physical challenges. Lets give back and give a fellow athlete the chance to cross the finish line!

Please check out my CAF fundraising page for more information on the Million Dollar Challenge and this great non-Profit. Always remember that the best is yet to come!

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