You Are Powerful, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

I could feel the bright sun on my head, hear the waves breaking on the sand, taste the salty sea air, and sense the presence of the other triathletes. This past Sunday while my wonderful sister helped me with my wet suit, I prepared myself to plunge into the surf and complete the LA Herbalife 24 Triathlon no matter what it took.

Scared, nervous, and excited were just a few of the emotions flooding over me. I had no idea quite what to expect, the way I always feel before starting a race, but I was surrounded by competent swimmers who I trusted wouldn’t let me get hurt.

I knew that I was a good triathlete and I knew I had what it took. It was this, along with the encouragement of so many, that finally got me into my wet suit, settled my nerves, and put a smile on my face as I approached the water. I was powerful and knew I could do it.

My friends, what is it, personally or in your business, that makes you say or think “I’m powerful”? Throughout my life I have struggled with imperfections. The messages from media and others telling me that I’m not good enough and not powerful enough. Perhaps the loudest of all is the voice of my own reflection convincing me of these imperfections.

What is it for you that’s holding you back? What is it that’s keeping you from truly saying and believing that “you are powerful”? Whatever it may be, I want to tell you that you are powerful and that you can live an inspired life knowing that the best is yet to come!

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