Who Do You Give Your Time To? Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

I’m sure you have no doubt heard the phrase “time flies”, and that the older you get the faster it seems to go. I’m certainly becoming more aware of the fleeting nature of time these days as my mom prepares to retire, and my little sister, Chelsea, enters into her 30’s. 

As I reflect over these past few decades, I am so grateful for the two incredible humans I am able to call brother and sister. I am the one in the middle, and my challenging journey brought on by bacterial meningitis over 20 years ago, and the resulting disabilities, saw them rally around me and become my best friends. I wouldn’t want to have spent these years, no matter how challenging,  with anyone else.

While it hasn’t been perfect, it has, at the same time, been a beautiful thing and we have made some unforgettable memories. Lord willing we will make many more in the years to come.

My friends, as you reflect over your own time, what relationships are you most grateful for? It may well be other than a sibling, but who has made a significant difference in your life? Conversely, in whose lives might you have made, or be making, a significant difference? In whose life might you like to make a significant difference?

As you reflect on time, relationships, and Harvey Mackay’s quote, does it affect how you will choose to use your time going forward? Will you choose to use it wisely and spend it with care, realizing it is free but priceless and once you’ve lost it you can never get it back? I pray that you will, because when you can do that only the best is yet to come! 

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