“The Little Things”, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

Hello friends,

The small things in life that might not seem to be much on the surface, can often be the most significant. These past several months have been full of so many new and wonderful happenings. It started with the Herbalife triathlon in May, which began a very special friendship, followed by my first time swimming across Lake Tahoe with a team of blind swimmers, and now looking forward to some exciting speaking opportunities,  I find myself filled with so much joy and the feeling of success.

While these could all be considered “bigger things” in my journey, they were only made possible by so many other smaller activities working together that can easily be pushed aside and not looked at as important. My triathlons can only happen when I stay on top of my nutrition, training and continue to grow the relationships with my training partners. Being ready to accept a speaking opportunity can only happen when I continue to grow my mind and create new and exciting ways of relaying my life’s story. And all of these little things that lead to the bigger things could never happen if I didn’t have access to the numerous hearing aid batteries that I go through within a week.

I find it important to remind ourselves of the little things and to be grateful for each one. They might seem insignificant at times, but picture life without them. Would you be filled with joy and success at the end of a long week if you went all seven days without the smaller things? 

So what are your “little things”? What smaller details can you look at with gratitude and blessings this year? A wise man once said that “it is the little things you do every day that make all the difference”. I challenge you today to focus more on these little things and find joy and success in the big picture of your life.

You are a beautiful big creation made up of many smaller elements who has what it takes to be all that God created you to be! So get out there, have some fun, and be happy doing the little things, for when you do the best is yet to come!

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