Suffering Can Serve As A Great Teacher, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Motivational Speaker

Frustration and heart-ache from isolation and the sense of not belonging;

Intense grief in the wake of loved ones dying due to accidents, illness, and suicide;

Great tension from personal insecurity and self-doubt;

Overwhelming feelings of helplessness and not knowing how to move forward in this journey we call life.

This is a partial list of struggles I’ve endured at different phases on the rollercoaster of my life’s journey.

None of us ever seek struggle, yet the truth is it will no doubt appear along our journey. It can be incredibly painful and is almost guaranteed to derail you from where you thought you were going.

Yet, this adversity can serve as a great teacher, offering insight and pointing you in the right direction as you work to move forward.

Have you ever struggled with a challenge and later came to understand that you learned something important from the experience? Has anything ever gone horribly wrong, only later to realize that there was a unique opportunity hidden in the misfortune?

The road of life is full of struggles. We must come to understand that in the end, as we summon the courage to face them head on, we will become better and stronger because of them. The hand we are dealt in life is never the one we envisioned for ourselves, but with the grace of God, the help of others, and a willingness to engage the struggle, it is definitely a hand we can learn to play with joy, peace, and love. Only then will we become the person we were meant to be and truly want to be. When we can do that, only the best is yet to come!

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