Smile & Inspire, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Inspirational Speaker

Hello friends,

This time of year can be wonderful and joyous yet hectic and sad all at the same time. We experience the joy of the holidays and quality time with family, but spend moments mourning those who are no longer with us.  Despite all the holiday festivities and cheer, it is often very difficult to stay motivated with both the positive and negative reminders surrounding us.

I remember for many years after I got sick and lost my eyesight and hearing, I didn’t know what I had to offer during this “giving back” season. What does a totally blind, disabled little boy have to contribute anyway? I found that being present and in a positive mood was enough for my family and friends who I got to spend the Holidays with. I didn’t have to be the one who cooked the food, or the one who bought the fancy gifts. I just needed to be me.

The awesome truth is that each one of us, yes even you, has so much to give. Just being your authentic self and leaving the house each morning with a smile on your face goes a long way. Saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to a stranger or family member can be the cheer that they eagerly wait for year round. All these seemingly insignificant things can be just what someone struggling needs to hear or see. That smile on your face in Starbucks could be what changes the day for another customer who can’t imagine what could be worth smiling for.

My friends, the little things matter as we learn that finding joy and maintaining motivation on our journey is more about being other-focused rather than self-focused. One of the very best ways of bringing joy to ourselves is sharing it with others, even if just in the simplest of ways. So get out there and inspire someone you don’t know. Stay motivated, for the best is yet to come!

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