Imperfections Are Not Inadequacies

Hello friends,

What have you done or experienced this week that made you say or think “extraordinary”? We live in a world full of incredible “extra ordinaries” that happen every day. The only problem is that you will almost never hear about them unless you are looking.

The mainstream media loves to broadcast and highlight all the negative and violence happening around the globe. Our culture has seemingly been trained to find the negative news interesting and entertaining, but what about the things that inspire or cause you to smile in gratitude. These positive stories about people and events are occurring everywhere right along with the negative ones that are most often reported.

Recently I was reminded of a wonderful story involving my good friends, Mark and Jenette, and their  daughter, Delaney. Mark was the physical therapist who worked with me for seven years during my long recovery from bacterial meningitis. He and Jennette have 3 children, including 13 year old  Delaney, their youngest.

Delaney goes to a local private middle school and is involved in cheerleading, music, dance, and just about anything she can fit into her busy schedule and that her parents will allow. She works very hard in school and is one of the most bubbly, positive, and fun young people you could ever meet. She is dearly loved by her teachers, fellow students, and especially her family. Delaney wants to travel when she is older and is especially looking forward to seeing, and maybe living in, Paris.

This extraordinary young woman also has Down Syndrome. Delaney and her family’s story is certainly one of beating the odds and overcoming challenges that many would shrink from. It is also a positive and uplifting example that all of us could use hearing more of.

There are thousands of stories like Delaney’s out there, and I hope sharing a little of her journey puts a smile on your face like it does mine. As Ben Brown’s quote says, we are all in this together. All of us, all of you, are extraordinary in your own way!  

My friends, no matter the imperfections that may exist let us not look at them as inadequacies. When we can do that, only the best is yet to come!

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