A Day In The Life of A Blind Guy – Drew Hunthausen, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Hello Friends,

This week’s FB Live episode of “A Day in the Life of a Blind Guy” will be filmed on Saturday at 1:00 rather than Friday. In this episode I will be showing you the ins and outs of the long white cane that blind individuals typically use to get around independently. What does it take to learn to use one effectively? Is it secretly a magic stick with electronic eyes in it? You will find out on Sat.  Should be a fun and interesting episode, so put it on your calendar for Sat, April 1st, at 1 PM PST? See you then!

P.S. Next week we should be going back to the regular Fri time slot, also at 1 PM. You can also catch past episodes on FB, or on my YouTube channel.

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