The No Excuses Inspiration Blog

Life is a journey with unforeseen twists and turns that “no one” can avoid all the time. Whether its relationships, personal struggles, or something else altogether, not one of us can make it through the “game of life” without some type of hard ship, suffering, or other undesirable circumstance. My “no excuses” inspirations are written […]

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Taking Life to the Next Level

Becoming an inspirational speaker is not easy! I love listening to others inspire audiences with their message, and I love doing it too. As somewhat of a beginner, writing out and establishing a name for myself with a signature talk and story takes time to develop. I will admit that I am really enjoying the […]

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Loss is a very broad word in its meaning as it can range from the loss of a pet, the loss of your first tooth, all the way to the death of a close friend or family member. No matter what kind of loss you have experienced, everyone deals with it in one way or […]

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Family Fun

Who doesn’t like to celebrate special occasions and glow in the excitement of it all?! I guess there might be a few people in the world, but I think I can safely say that most of us enjoy the festive atmosphere of celebration! About a month in a half ago my favorite brother got married […]

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what’s The Weather Forecast

  It’s a sunny Monday in Southern California! November and the weather still can’t decide if it wants to be summer, fall, or winter! I love Southern California where I’ve lived all my life, so much to do, amazing weather, and a billion people! I have the weather forecast for about 8 different cities in […]

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What a Week!

What a  Week!

Having my own web site up and running is almost unreal!! I feel like I’ve been working up to this point for a long time, yet it still seems unreal. The URL: is live! The last several days have been incredible ones to put it mildly. Beginning with a 13 hour marathon first day […]

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