Aim For The Moon, Drew Hunthausen, Blind Inspirational Speaker

With the quickly expanding uncertainty surrounding Corona virus, fear and concern are growing around the globe. Many are stockpiling toilet paper, water, and hand sanitizer as if preparing for a major cataclysmic event. Calmer heads are telling us to employ common sense measures to avoid contamination and urging us to be patient as we learn more each day about the true danger of this virus. Statistics already show us that the elderly and sick are at a significantly higher risk and they should be taking every precaution.

My friends, this isn’t the first time our country and world have been plagued with an epidemic like this. It is also not the first time we have experienced tragedy and adversity of mass proportions. In a recent blog one of my favorite writers and speakers, John O’Leary, reminds us of something we tend to forget in times like these. He reminds us of a message by President Kennedy in September of 1962. “…It was a time of turmoil and tension, frustration and fear. There were natural disasters, political protests, and cultural uprisings. Sound familiar?”.

John goes on to tell us how the president spoke of many things to try and calm the fears and uncertainty of the American people, most notably an unprecedented vision of going to the moon by the end of the decade. “It was a massive dream, one that would require all the best of America collaboration, brains, innovation, and determination. It was an unprecedented vision, a daunting task, an impossible dream. And yet before the decade ended, just as Kennedy had promised, Americans heard astronaut Neil Armstrong, upon stepping on the moon’s surface, announce, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Friends, isn’t that what we need today in the face of the uncertainty and fear that is gripping our country and world? Just as with the space program where Americans were bold as they threw out the rule book putting our boundless creativity, curiosity, and determination to the test, and kept at it relentlessly until we accomplished our goal, isn’t this the time to do the same in the face of current day challenges with the Corona virus and civil unrest? “We had to utilize our sense of wonder. The sense that doesn’t allow us to give up in the face of failure. The sense that is always seeking new solutions. The sense that prods us to ask questions, get curious, and dig deep to find the way”.

Many are saying that a vaccine/cure and effective treatment are a year or even years away. Just as with the moon project, it’s time for all of us, from every background and side of the political spectrum, to come together and support with our prayers and belief, a vision of soon developing medical practices and a vaccine to help the entire world!

In conclusion here is a last quote from John’s blog that I would like to share. “Regrettably, many … today speak less of bringing people together to create something bigger than themselves and more about protecting what we already possess. Our focus as individuals seems to be less about how much we can accomplish together and more about getting through the day. Far more effort is spent guarding what we have than expanding what, and who, we could become. Why have we stopped thinking differently, and aiming for the moon? It’s because we’ve lost touch with our sense of wonder. And it’s time to get reacquainted.

Friends, when we can do that, only the best is yet to come!

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